I have been training with Maria for about two years now. And I always had a personal trainer before Maria, as I needed one because I had been training myself towards body fitness competitions. So my expectations were not just general fitness but indeed quite specific. Maria herself has the right experience in that field. During the last two years, our team work has always been beyond my expectations. Maria is not just an ordinary PT, doing her job in the gym floor with me, but also being very supportive and encouraging. And believe me, competition peparations are something else. They can be both physically and mentally draining. And Maria has always been there for me, supporting me in my trainings, nutrition, giving me the mental and emotional support day and night. Looking after my training program, nutrition and coaching me all the way to the competition day. Her involvement in personal training has always been much more than she was jus  expected to do. She is and has  been a very “involved in the process” kind of person. Often worrying about the whole preparations as much as myself. And the going beyond her duties is priceless. I could not have a better PT and a Coach. Our team work earned us the gold and the UKUP Ultimate Figure Toned Bodypower 2019 title, qualifying for the UKUP British Finals in October 2019, and 3rd place and bronze at the UKUP British Finals Championships 2019. Maria’s expertise in personal training, competition preps coaching and nutrition has won us those titles 😊

Kasia Laurens


I would highly recommend Maria, since choosing her as my Personal Trainer it has changed my life in a number of positive ways. I plucked up the courage to contact Maria about some personal training sessions and at the time was suffering from incredibly low self-confidence regarding my body image after struggling to lose the weight after my first child. Maria immediately made me feel at ease, being a mother of two herself, she gave me the confidence to believe that I could get fitter and stronger. She is very friendly, personable and welcoming, each session is different and motivating. You can see the dedication she has for her job. I never thought I would be able to keep up the motivation but by booking a weekly session with Maria I was able to maintain a strong level of focus. She helped me understand how to use new equipment and kept me motivated, my confidence has now come soaring back! I’ve lost 2 stone, can fit into my size 10 pre-baby clothes and I’m generally a much more positive happier person, I can’t believe the change in me, what a difference Maria has had on me! Thanks Maria!

Louise N


Maria is a great personal trainer. She listens carefully to what you want to achieve and helps you get those goals. She has great attention to detail, and carefully checks that you are using the right muscles and have the right posture. This is critical for me as I have hypermobility and have always struggled with pain in my joints. Following an ankle injury and other issues related to this and my hypermobility, my muscles were very weak. As I started to work with Maria in the last few months, I have seen great results and the ability to do exercises that I could no longer do. She is also very good at providing you with different exercises so that I am also always challenged mentally and physically. Thank you for all your work. It is great working with you.

Emilijana K


I have been training with Maria for over a year now and and I couldn’t be more grateful for what she has helped me to achieve. My strength, fitness  and form have improved dramatically and I have gained a confidence and joy in working out that I never had before. 
Maria’s enthusiasm to help me achieve my goals has been a great motivator for me. She is highly skilled and very personable.
Maria has a real passion for personal training, meeting you where you are and making each session challenging but ultimately fun. Along with our training time together she goes out of her way to check in between sessions and encourage me throughout the week. I couldn’t ask for a better trainer.

Frances Cheasty


I have had four personal trainers in the past and Maria is by far the best. She makes a personalised program for each of her clients. For example, my mother, dad and I all train with her and she has made different plans for each of us specific to our goals. For myself she has helped me lose a lot of weight through a variety of exercises. Furthermore, Maria always takes steps to further her knowledge such as taking courses which she brings to our training sessions. Her friendly and caring nature is a bonus and I look forward to continuing our training together.



 I had no intention of getting a personal trainer but was offered an hour with Maria. That was two years ago and I have been seeing her regularly ever since. She really listened to what I wanted to achieve and worked with me to get there. It wasn't to do anything too ambitious. I just wanted more muscle tone and better posture. Which I got. She is very nice, very professional and would help with whatever your goals were. Whether it's to muscle build or just to build up strength after an injury.  I would recommend her totally.



I am very pleased to have the opportunity to write a testimonial for Maria, in her role as a fitness and health coach and exercise trainer, who has been working with me for almost a year at our local gym.
If these are your needs, in  a phrase, I would unhesitatingly say ‘hire her’.
I am a fairly healthy 75-year old without major physical limitations but in need of improved cardiovascular endurance, better posture and balance, and enhanced muscle strength. She has been able to address all of these goals based on her thorough education of physical training and knowledge of anatomy, exercise physiology and healthy living. She is assertive without being too forceful.  She is careful not to exceed age-related physical capabilities; she knows how to avoid causing injury and minimize joint and muscle damage and adapts exercise regimes whenever necessary. She is resourceful in designing  an exercise programme which I feel addresses my goals, which is pleasant and not boring.
I have yet to participate in online exercise sessions with her but I look forward to doing so soon.

Adrian Reuben