I have had my ups and downs, especially after my second childbirth which had complications. I developed intense back pain and felt terrible not being able to train and lose weight. It was also the last thing on my mind having to look after two small children!

After almost two years of feeling down, I wanted to be able to move around with my kids and sought a way to feel happy and motivated. I signed up for the competition with Muscle and Fitness, a 12 week transformation, and I won it! 

This was definitely a turning point in my life. I was featured in This magazine which showed the change in my lifestyle, focusing on my training and diet regime. I inspired some of my friends and family to make changes to their lifestyle and thought that I should help more people feel the same way! 

With this story in mind, I believe I work well as a personal trainer and coach. I empathise with my clients and understand the obstacles one might have about feeling lost and confused in life. My aim is to guide my clients in the right direction through structured workout routines and nutritional changes in diet. 

My client portfolio includes individuals from a range of backgrounds, age groups and with differing abilities. I tailor training programmes to personal needs and keep motivation high in order to achieve goals. I have been fortunate to work with some amazing people, each with different goals. I have supported my client’s making their first step in the the gym, to other’s first step on the stage!

The biggest gratification with my work is being able to see the journey of transformations! It is not just about body shape, it is also a lot about self confidence, improved wellbeing and living a happier and healthier life overall. 

I will never promote quick fixes, any form of fad diet or unhealthy ways of achieving your goals. We will work together to create healthy habits and enjoyable (most of the times) training workouts to be the best version of you. I believe that hard work pays off and that it is worth it!